img_orange_square All exercises will be performed within a 30 minute time frame, only 2% of your day (because we know time is valuable)  Intensity over duration, offering modifications to each exercise.


img_orange_square One on one personal trainer around you at all times for the same low flat rate.


img_orange_square NO MACHINES. POD Exercise will focus on Calisthenics, plyometric, core and body exercises using equipment such as plyo boxes, free weights, pull up bars, and like items.


img_orange_square High motivation and encouragement with a lively atmosphere making the environment fun and exciting for members to participate in group training sessions.


img_orange_square Every workout is recorded so that your results are measured and progress can be seen.


img_orange_square Safe and effective by demonstrating proper technique, form, and the biomechanics behind each exercise. 95% of people that workout are geared more towards toning/weight loss and less of heavy lifting/bulking. 


Overview of the program design: 31 different workouts, utilizing different exercises combinations and rep counts for each day of the month - Modifications for each exercise to accommodate every fitness level and limitation - Varying intensity levels to maximize intensity and minimize wear and tear on the ligaments and joints.